Making websites. This is what I love. And I’m good at it.

Making something out of nothing is one of my super powers. I will help you get online and I will help you figure out what you want to say when you get there. Your domain is your calling card and I’m here to help you shine.

What I do

I use WordPress, Google My Business and other tools to help you with your digital presence. It’s important to be in control of your own domain. Don’t leave your digital footprint to the vagaries of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, or even LinkedIn. ON THESES SITES, YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER “YOUR” CONTENT AND YOU ARE THE PRODUCT! (Okay, rant over! ????)

Setting up your own digital presence under your own control is your first step to personal sovereignty. It feels good plus it makes people take you (and your business) more seriously.

My services

Website Development. I will create your home on the web. Your digital domain.

Analytics. You can’t know how you’re doing if you aren’t tracking your stats.

Website Care Package. Keeping your website humming along with security protocols, software updates and rigorous backups.

Google My Business. Setting this up early is a major step in credibility for your business.

Social media. It’s fine to have social media – but it should all lead back to your site. Let’s make it happen.

Blog. Send updates to your raving fans. It’s good for traffic and it keeps you sharp.